Wouldn – t stop: Police seek – person of interest – after brutal striking during attempted carjacking

“Wouldn’t stop:” Police seek ‘person of interest’ after brutal striking during attempted carjacking

Warning: Photos associated with this story may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

GREENFIELD — A bday weekend turned horrifying when a woman was aggressively attacked during an attempted robbery and carjacking outside Pacific Produce, near 27th and Grange in Greenfield. Police are now seeking the suspect, and a person of interest.

Victim of attempted robbery, carjacking in Greenfield

It happened around 1:00 p.m. on Friday, July 21st. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the 31-year-old victim sitting in her car with significant facial trauma and bleeding intensely.

The victim did not want to share her name, but she spoke out about what happened Tuesday, with FOX6 News.

She said she was sitting in her vehicle, with the doors locked, checking her phone for bday messages and preparing her shopping list.

The victim told officers that when she began exiting her car, she was blindsided. The car door was pulled open by a black masculine suspect. This suspect did not say anything to the victim and instantly began striking her in the face with his right knuckle while wearing brass knuckles.

Attempted robbery, carjacking in Greenfield near 27th and Grange

Pacific Produce, near 27th and Grange in Greenfield

The victim was transported to Froedtert Hospital by ambulance and treated for non-life menacing injuries.

“I received a pretty bad gargle to my left eye, so it was hemorrhaging. Seven stitches to the upper lips,” she said.

Victim of attempted robbery, carjacking in Greenfield

While her physical injuries may be healing, there are emotional scars.

“I’m just a little perplexed and a little broke,” she said.

She said she’s been haunted by the incident, which has been replaying in her mind.

“I was greeted to the face by three blows. I was in shock. (The suspect had) no emotions, nothing. He just attacked me,” she said.

“He would not stop. I was laying my palm on the horn and screaming for help.”

She fought back.

“I’m kicking him with my left gam and I reminisce throwing punches at him, almost attempting to block him. He would not stop. I was laying my forearm on the horn and screaming for help. That’s when he grabbed me by my left gam and attempted to haul me out of the car,” she said.

She looked up for a moment and noticed.

“A black female lady on the other side of my doors. She was attempting to get into the passenger side, but my doors were all locked. She was frustrated so she screams over him — ‘Get her purse. Get her purse,'” the victim said.

When she heard the word ‘purse,’ she said she remembered what was inwards.

“My keys are in my purse. I have a pepper bust affixed to it. He is still attacking me. I splatter him directly in the face and I don’t lay my finger off the pepper splatter until I see him crouching down, pawing his eyes,” she said.

He backed away, and then drove up with the female person of interest — in a dark-colored sedan.

“We consider this very serious and this is a fellow we want to find badly,” David Patrick, assistant chief with the Greenfield Police Department said.

While investigating this case, detectives learned of a retail theft that occurred in the Village of Greendale just before the incident. The description of the female closely matched the female suspect in this case and fled in a similar vehicle. For that reason, officials are attempting to identify the female in the store security pictures (below) as a person of interest.

“Shortly before our robbery there was a retail theft in Greendale where the suspect there closely matches our female suspect. We would like to talk to this person to see if she has info. or eliminate her from being part of our crime,” Assistant Chief Patrick said.

Photo Gallery

The suspects are described as:

  1. Black man with a medium complexion, in his late teenagers to early 20s, standing 5’5″ with a slender build and a petite Afro. He was wearing a black or dark brown zip-up hoodie pulled over his face.
  2. Black woman, in her late teenagers to early 20s, standing 5’7″ with longer hair past the shoulders. The lower portion of her hair or tips may have been lighter in color or possibly dyed. She was wearing a pink top.

If you have information that could assist in this case, you’re urged to call the Greenfield Police Department. You can also report information on this crime anonymously by calling WeTip at 1-800-78-CRIME.

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