Upcoming Fresh Maruti Cars in India With Price, Launch Date, Specs

Upcoming Fresh Maruti Cars in India

Maruti Suzuki is the fattest car maker in India, both in terms of sales and market share. It has been able to retain this position for long due to its offerings under Rs ten lakh, most of which are hatchbacks. However, most of these cars, if not all, are in need of a refresh (update) or an upgrade. This is the reason why we have brought you a list of all upcoming fresh Maruti cars in India.

Today, Maruti’s product lineup in India includes three SUVs/crossovers, two sedans, one MPV and a total of six hatchbacks (including every car’s variants and derivatives). What will Maruti be adding to its lineup? What will it be providing a thorough rework to? What’s next in line to receive a refresh (looks/features) in the car maker’s product range? Know all about them here in our list of upcoming fresh Maruti cars in India along with details on price, launch date, specifications and more.

Upcoming Fresh Maruti Cars in India – Under five Lakhs

2017 Maruti Swift

Coming in its third generation, the fresh Maruti Swift is perhaps the most-awaited car in this list of upcoming fresh Maruti cars in India. In its third generation, the Swift is based on a lighter, more rigid platform than before. This will help it in the areas of mileage and driving dynamics. Another highlight of the fresh Swift is its design. The all-new Swift will be showcased at Auto Expo 2018 and will likely be launched soon thereafter. Its engine lineup of 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre turbo diesel will, in all likelihood, remain the same.

Maruti Celerio Facelift

The Celerio has had its share of ups and downs. While this car was launched in India with a petrol engine, even a diesel engine was made available later. But the sales were fairly dismal (by Maruti standards). Hence, Maruti pulled the butt-plug on the diesel model and proceeds to sell the Celerio with a petrol engine only. It has been on sale for fairly some time now and will likely get a fresh face. Expect the fresh look Celerio to come out near the end of two thousand seventeen with a petrol engine only.

Fresh Maruti Petite Car

The Kwid has been roaring success for Renault India. Maruti does not have an reaction to that car yet. However, it will likely have an reaction to the Kwid in 2018. This car is also expected to display up at Auto Expo 2018. This car will likely sport the same engine lineup as the Alto range. This means 0.8-litre petrol and 1.0-litre petrol engines are what you will likely find under the spandex hood of this car. Expect Maruti to draw inspiration from the Crosshiker concept for this car.

Maruti WagonR Diesel

The WagonR is one of the most popular nameplates of Maruti Suzuki. A tallboy hatchback, it is praised for its headroom and petite dimensions. Maruti equips this car with a petrol engine and has, for some time, also suggested its CNG version to customers. One thing this car has lacked however, is a diesel engine. But all that is likely to switch soon. The WagonR is likely to get a diesel engine soon, which displaces 0.8 litres. Expect this car to come out in December 2017/January 2018.

Fresh Maruti Alto 660cc

The Alto is Maruti’s most popular car in India. After all, it substituted the Maruti 800, which itself was immensely popular in the country too. The Maruti Alto, over the years, has not switched much. However, that is likely to not be the case soon. Reports suggest that a next-gen Alto is in works and we can expect it here by festive season of two thousand nineteen with a 660cc turbocharged engine that will have higher mileage and more power than the current 0.8-litre petrol engine.

Fresh Maruti WagonR

The WagonR has not been switched significantly since its launch in India. Maruti has permanently refreshed it with fresh features and fresh styling bits over the years. However, it is likely to get a thorough rework soon. The next-gen WagonR is expect to come to India in Apri 2018. Expect fresh design and styling on the car , along with fresh features. It will likely sport a 1.0-litre petrol engine under the spandex hood. Also, do expect an AMT gearbox to be on suggest on the car.

Maruti Alto eight hundred Diesel

This is another significant entry on this list of upcoming fresh Maruti cars in India. Why? Have you ever heard of the Alto with a diesel engine? No, right? Well, that’s because since the beginning, Maruti never suggested the Alto with a diesel engine. However, mid two thousand eighteen may see this switch. We are likely to see the Maruti Alto with a 0.8-litre turbo diesel engine in July 2018.

Maruti WagonR MPV

Maruti is likely to roll out an MPV based on the WagonR hatchback. This MPV will likely retain the WagonR’s tall-boy design and will be elongated to accommodate a third row of seats. The car is expected to slot below the Ertiga MPV and will likely have a 1.0-litre petrol engine under its bondage mask. Expect the MPV to be out by December 2017.

Upcoming Fresh Maruti Cars in India – Under ten Lakhs

Maruti Vitara Brezza Petrol

The Vitara Brezza is the current leader in the compact SUV segment, in terms of sales. However, one big omission, when comparing it with its rivals, is that this car does not have a petrol engine. However, expect the Vitara Brezza to soon get a petrol engine. It will likely get the 1.0-litre turbo petrol BoosterJet engine from the Baleno RS. As to why the price will be as high as that in the table, we have one reason for that. The BoosterJet engine, this car will likely come with, may be imported to India, pushing the car’s cost up.

Maruti S-Cross Facelift

The S-Cross was the car that kicked off the Nexa retail network of Maruti Suzuki. However, it never fairly set the sales charts on fire. Its pricing, apart from its looks, was perhaps not to everyone’s liking. However, the facelifted S-Cross is India-bound has been shown to the world. Maruti is bringing it to India too, festive season being the time when it will likely be here. The engine lineup will remain the same. This means a 1.3-litre turbo diesel DDiS two hundred and a 1.6-litre turbo diesel DDiS three hundred twenty will be the engines for you to choose from. additionally, a petrol engine, displacing 1.Five litres, will likely be on suggest on the S-Cross facelift.

Maruti Ciaz Facelift

The Ciaz is the sales leader in its segment, which has big hitters such as Honda City and Hyundai Verna as well. With the City getting a facelift earlier this year (along with fresh features), the next-gen Verna is about to come in this space too. This will render the Ciaz as somewhat dated. Hence, a facelift of the car will likely be here in some time, replete with fresh features too. Expect the engine lineup of the car to remain the same – a 1.4-litre petrol and a 1.3-litre turbo diesel.

Maruti Jimny

Maruti has not had a decent replacement for the Gypsy. The Gypsy is the true-blue off-roader in Maruti’s lineup. Enthusiasts have been pining for a comeback of the brand, which may soon be the case. Maruti is likely to bring the Jimny, which will be the replacement for Gypsy, to India in 2018. This car will likely be showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. Expect to find 1.0-litre petrol and 1.3-litre turbo diesel engines powering the car.

Fresh Maruti Ertiga

The Ertiga is Maruti’s mainstay in the MPV market. It has been the go-to car for folks who find the Toyota Innova Crysta out of their palms but need an MPV nevertheless. Also, it is the only hybrid MPV on sale in India today. An all-new Ertiga is expected to come to India sometime in 2018. This car will likely have either a 1.4-litre petrol engine, a 1.5-litre petrol engine or a 1.0-litre turbo petrol motor. It is expected to come with a 1.5-litre turbo diesel engine too.

Maruti Ciaz 1.6 Diesel

If there is one engine from Maruti that has seen the least act since launch, it is the 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine. The engine has seen act only in the S-Cross crossover till date. However, this engine is expected to find its way into the engine bay of the Ciaz. This car will likely come out in the early part of 2018. Perhaps, Maruti will bring back the Ciaz RS nameplate with this car. Expect this car to carry a premium of Rs 50,000 over the top-trim Ciaz Alpha Diesel.

Upcoming Fresh Maruti Cars in India – Under fifteen Lakhs

Fresh Maruti Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara will likely be Maruti’s most premium suggesting in India. It certainly is the costliest entry on this list of upcoming fresh Maruti cars in India. Maruti has not had much success in the past in the segments above Rs ten lakh. However, with Nexa dealerships in place and people heating up to premium products from the carmaker, the company has a chance to rewrite history. The Grand Vitara will likely be showcased at Auto Expo two thousand eighteen with launch taking place a few months later. Expect the car to have a 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine under the bonnet. Also, Maruti will likely retail this car from its Nexa dealership network.

Fresh Maruti Swift Sport

The Swift Sport is the performance-oriented version of the third generation Swift hatchback. This car sports a number of styling switches over the Swift, including fresh alloy wheels and a different grille. This car will instruction fairly a bit of price premium over the regular Swift. You will likely find a 1.4-litre turbo Petrol BoosterJet engine in the India-bound Swift Sport. However, don’t be astonished if Maruti plonks the 1.0-litre turbo Petrol BoosterJet engine in this car’s engine bay. This car will likely be showcased at Auto Expo 2018, where you can get to see it too.

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