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Mercedes-Benz mbrace is a collection of services and features – available in four distinct packages – that makes your ownership practice smarter, safer, more convenient and more joy than ever before. Love the base package, mbrace® Connect, standard for five years with any fresh Mercedes-Benz.

It starts with mbrace Connect, the standard mbrace package that powers many of the features of Mercedes me. This is what permits you to embark your car, lock your doors, or send an address to your navigation, all from the Mercedes me app. Plus, you can lightly connect with Roadside Assistance or send diagnostic data to your dealer. Services include:

  • Remote access from your phone or computer with Mercedes me
  • Vehicle locating and tracking
  • In-vehicle apps like Yelp and local search
  • Remote diagnostics for lighter servicing

Standard for the very first five years

Remote Access Services

Remote Embark [1], [Two]

Begin your vehicle from anywhere, and if climate controls were on, they will automatically fever or cool to your last setting.

Remote Door Lock & Unlock

Lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually any location with the Mercedes me app on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can also do this with a phone call to the mbrace Response Center (operator assistance requires the mbrace® Secure package).

Remote Horn & Lights

Help locate your car in a crowded lot, or call attention to it in an emergency, by remotely sounding the horn and flashing the exterior lights for a period of five seconds. This feature is accessible through the Mercedes me app.

Lets you send an address from the Mercedes me app on your phone directly to the COMAND navigation system in your car. When you get to your car, you can embark navigating right away, or save the address in the system’s memory.

Vehicle Finder [1]

View your car’s location on a map on your smartphone, if you’ve forgotten where you parked or want to monitor your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Connection

If your Mercedes-Benz needs a hop begin, its spare tire installed, or if you have any other vehicle trouble, one button puts you in touch with our legendary Roadside Assistance. Even before your conversation commences, the vehicle transmits its GPS-based location and information about its model and color to the Roadside agent.

Valet Protect [1]

Set up a boundary on your smartphone, and receive a text message alert if your car is turned on, off or exits the “virtual fence.”

Lightly contact your preferred dealer, or receive assistance in finding one that’s nearby, with the thrust of a button in your car or via the Mercedes me app. A live assistant can not only look up the dealer for you, but also place the call to connect you to the desired department.

Monitor use of your vehicle by receiving alerts when your vehicle has been embarked during a specified time or date.

Receive text alerts if the vehicle exceeds a speed that you select and set up on the Mercedes me app.

See where your Mercedes-Benz has been driven using an online map with a “breadcrumb” trail of its latest locations.

Set up virtual boundaries and be alerted if the vehicle travels across them.

My Mercedes Electrified Vehicle Homepage

View your electrified or plug-in hybrid vehicle’s charge status, map its driving range, locate charging stations, preheat or cool the cabin, and more, all from your computer or smartphone via the Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers.

Infotainment Services [Trio]

Local Search provided by HERE

Wherever you’re headed, Local Search provided by HERE can help you get there quickly and lightly. You can save search results, call listed phone numbers, and begin navigating with just a few clicks.

Search actual user reviews of restaurants and businesses with Yelp, and navigate directly to the destination of your choice.

Keep up-to-date on the latest online news from around the world. You can even share news stories via email.

Using the Send2Benz feature on Mercedes me, it’s effortless to find a Point of Interest and send its address to your vehicle’s navigation system. When you’re ready to go, you can commence your route guidance based on your vehicle’s current location with just a few clicks.

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, you can now look up your account details, make a payment, contact a dealership and more from the driver’s seat.

Morningstar® Finance [Five]

Receive global market data, search among more than 400,000 investment offerings, and create a personalized Observe List for financial updates.

Gas Stations & Fuel Prices

Search for the least expensive fuel in your area and get directions to the nearest provider.

With access to thousands of traffic cameras in more than two hundred fifty U.S. cities, you can get visual verification of traffic flow, incidents and weather-related road conditions near your current location, along a specific route or near your destination.

e-Navigator (EV/PHEV models)

B-Class Electrified Drive and Plug-in Hybrid vehicle owners can conveniently find charging stations in their area or along a planned route.

Vehicle Diagnostics Services

Remote Diagnostic Test

Your dealer can remotely retrieve diagnostic vehicle data in order to determine what kind of service your vehicle needs, potentially saving you an extra visit for a preliminary diagnosis and saving you time spent in the dealership when it’s time to have the service done.

Safety & Security

The mbrace® Secure package uses cutting edge technology to keep you safe inwards your car, and informed when you’re not. So if you’re ever in an accident, someone is on the way, and if your vehicle is ever stolen, you’re the very first to know. Services include:

  • Automatic collision and alarm notifications
  • SOS/Emergency call capabilities
  • Safe Rail if you’re ever incapable to drive
  • Crisis Assist in the event of a disaster

6-month free trial, $199/year thereafter

Safety, Security & Convenience Services

Automatic Collision Notification

With mbrace Secure, if an air bag or seat-belt Emergency Tensioning Device is activated, your Mercedes-Benz can automatically place a call to the mbrace Emergency Response Center, including reporting your location, even if you can’t.

Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance

The GPS system that’s built into your Mercedes-Benz can assist authorities with stolen vehicle recovery. Once you file a police report, a phone call to mbrace offers a safe and effective way to help the police locate and recover your car.

If you ever need help, or see someone else who does, one button in your Mercedes-Benz can connect you to trained emergency response personnel who can stay on the line until help arrives.

Agent-Assisted Door Lock & Unlock

Lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually any location with a few taps on your smartphone. Or if you’ve locked your smartphone in the vehicle, borrow a phone to call the mbrace Response Center, and an agent can unlock it for you.

Automatic Alarm Notification

Your vehicle’s factory-installed antitheft alarm system can send you an alert via email, text message or phone, whichever is your preference, if the alarm is triggered while the vehicle is parked.

In the event of a disaster, an Emergency Response Specialist is just a button away to provide you critical, real-time guidance and support with evacuation and shelter information, as well as help after the event (e.g. aid station locations, contacting family, contacting insurance carriers.)

Lightly contact your preferred dealer, or receive assistance in finding one that’s nearby. With the shove of a button in your car, a friendly mbrace operator can not only look up the dealer for you, but also route your call directly to the desired department.

If you find yourself incapable to drive, mbrace can help you contact a family member or taxi company for a rail home.

From setting the clock to understanding an indicator light, you can connect to a trained product specialist with the shove of a button in your car or using the Mercedes me app, anytime you have a question about your car and its features.

Travel & Assistance

At Mercedes-Benz, we know that time is the greatest luxury of all. With an mbrace® Concierge package, you have your own individual assistant who can help you with dinner reservations, event tickets, travel arrangements, and more. And you can access them anytime using the i-button or the Mercedes me app. Services include:

  • Mercedes-Benz Concierge
  • Location-based traffic
  • Location-based weather
  • Turn-by-turn route assistance

3-month free trial, $20/month thereafter [6]

Individual Assistance Services

Love virtually unlimited assistance from a helpful agent with skill and resources to aid with almost any request. Contact an pro Concierge when you’re on the road, or from the Mercedes me app on your smartphone. Get accomplished recommendations and reservations for travel and dining out, tickets to events, and answers to almost any question.

Points-of-Interest (POI) Destination Download [Three]

Plan your routes on-the-go with the touch of a button. A specialist will help you select a point of interest (POI) from over fifteen million POIs and then send the address to your vehicle’s navigation system. Then you can access directions based on your vehicle’s current location.

Hear up-to-date voice-delivered traffic information in your car, based on your current surroundings or along preferred routes that you set up online (up to eight routes may be programmed).

Listen to the latest weather conditions, forecasts and alerts, based on your current location.

Turn-by-Turn Route Assistance

Love operator-assisted turn-by-turn route instructions to virtually any destination, including more than fifteen million Points of Interest (POIs) in our database. The assistant can also download the POI directly to your car’s COMAND navigation system.


The mbrace® Entertain package makes driving your Mercedes-Benz even more pleasurable by providing a never-ending soundtrack to your rail. Choose from millions of stations, playlists, and podcasts from around the world, all searchable by location, genre, and name. Services include:

  • In-vehicle WiFi hotspot
  • TuneIn Radio
  • iHeart Radio

3-month free trial, $Legal/month thereafter [6]

Internet Radio, Online Maps, & WiFi Services

Listen to more than 100,000 radio stations and two million podcasts from around the world, searchable by location, genre, station type, station name and even station call sign.

This all-in-one digital radio service lets you find more than 1,500 Live Stations or create commercial-free, all-music Custom-built Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.

Your vehicle becomes a 3G WiFi hotspot permitting you to connect up to four devices to the Internet.

Mercedes me

Mercedes me is the ultimate ownership practice from Mercedes-Benz. Powered by mbrace, Mercedes me connect permits our drivers to utilize many of their free mbrace Connect features, including Remote Begin, Lock/Unlock, Send2Benz, and Vehicle Monitoring – all from the Mercedes me app. Plus, you can log in to view your manuals, maintenance info, how-to movies, financial terms, and more. Detect more on Mercedes me, and sign up to get embarked.

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